Safe4Cycle – Job-shadowing in the Netherlands
2016.04.04. 08:54

In the middle of March in the frame of the Safe4Cycle project the project partners from Austria (Easy Drivers RADFAHRSCHULE), Hungary (Vuelta Sport Association) and Romania (Fundația Comunitară Mureș, Academia Velo project) visited the Netherlands to get information about the Dutch safety cycling projects on the spot.

The host of the program was the project partner from Delft, Mobycon. Angela van der Kloof and her collegaues organized various programs for the visitors. Since the cycling infrastructure in the Netherlands cannot be compared one on one with the facilities of Hungary and Romania (and even Austria), an urban cycling tour was organized for the partners in the first afternoon in the city of Delft. An incredible variety of infrastructural elements had been introduced, while the regulations on cycling had been described too.

In Rotterdam the project partners have met Shurdon Faneyte and his friends, who are organizing BMX classes for children. Their cycle educational project, BMX Fietsschool, has a different approach compared to others. They believe that the BMX bikes, the pump track, the colorful, cool clothes are more attractive for the children than a cycle course in the schoolyard, and that a BMX bike is appropriate for improving the practical cycling skills of the children. The project is partly financed by the local government and partly by sponsors. From Delft to Rotterdam and back the project partners were riding on bikes to study the cycling infrastructure between the two cities, and in Rotterdam.

A day later Ronald Wittenberg has introduced us the SCHOOL op SEEF project in the office of Mobycon. Mr Wittenberg explained that in the primary schools in the Netherlands there are theoretical traffic education lessons (on average half an hour per week), which are not obligatory to organise for the schools. Furthermore there are such programs like SCHOOL op SEEF that are focusing on practical traffic (cycling) education, financed by the provincial (75% of the costs) and the local governments or the schools (25%). SCHOOL op SEEF program means three practical cycling lessons in a school year for the children, focusing on improving cycling skills in the schoolyard.

Closing the visit in the Netherlands in the office of Mobycon the project partners held a workshop, discussing their ideas, experience, remarks, impressions about the first job-shadowing program. Angela van der Kloof introduced some different adult cycling educational projects, including courses for immigrants. Furthermore the partners have been studying the cycling infrastructure of The Hague and Amsterdam, and discussed the detailed program of the next job-shadowing and project meeting, which will be held in Austria, at the end of April. In Graz the Hungarian and Romanian partners will participate in the mentors’teaching program of Easy Drivers RADFAHRSHULE.

You can find the photos of the job-shadowing trip here.

Nevertheless the project partners are working on their common Mentors’ handbook, which will be available for the future mentors of the program in the three countries. In addition the Facebook page of Safe4Cycle project has been started in March, the website of the project will be soon available and the curriculum of the school educational program is being prepared.

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